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Kitchen Appreciation Fees Show BOH Staff You Care

This post was last updated on Nov 14, 2019.

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Sweet Cheeks BBQ, in Boston, MA, implemented a 3% kitchen appreciation fee to support their back-of-house staff and show them they care. 

Here’s why, according to the restaurant's management team: “As the cost of doing business in Boston increases through the rise of minimum wage, cost of food and goods, mandatory health care coverage, mandatory sick pay, and the ever-increasing cost of a growing urban market, our ability to maximize the wages of our back-of-house employees are encumbered, constraining their wages to the bottom line resources of the restaurant. We think that’s wrong and are committed to a new approach to fix this." 

"The kitchen appreciation fee allows all back-of-house employees to directly benefit from the top line success of the restaurant. They feel the love from you, and their living wages increase. Every cent of the 3% goes directly to our BOH employees. We thank you, they thank you. We hope that this gains traction throughout the city and enjoys support from you, our dining community, and beyond."

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