2018 in review

This year, Toast restaurants rose to new heights, broke new records, and pushed the envelope on innovation and efficiency to delight their guests.

Restaurant Growth

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This year, Toast restaurants sold…

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ice cream cones
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Toast is committed to helping each and every restaurant thrive — especially during busy shifts. According to the 2018 data, these are the days when restaurants are busiest.

Busiest Day For Restaurant Sales


41% more items sold compared to other days of the week

Busiest Time For Restaurant Sales


2x more items sold compared to other hours of the day

Holidays and events are drivers of consumer food purchases.

Peoria Peoria, IL
Cracked Pepper Catering Cracked Pepper Catering
360% year-over-year growth
Cracked Pepper

Highest single-location annual growth

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Restaurant Efficiency

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The Toast Community is finding ways to bust lines and turn tables at record-breaking rates.

Toast Customer
At Odd Duck in Austin, Texas, servers using Toast Go® took…
fewer steps
than servers using a stationary terminal
46 minutes
table turn time compared to stationary terminals
Watch Odd Duck’s Story

When paired together, Toast Go® and Toast KDS power successful restaurants through a technology platform connecting the front-of-house and back-of-house.

On average, restaurants using KDS saw..
more orders processed compared to restaurants not using KDS *FSR restaurants only

Toast restaurants drive value for their customers through integrated loyalty programs, rewarding customers for repeat visits and incentivizing them to come back for more.

2,200,000loyalty signups in 2018

210,362 signups

the best month for
loyalty signups
money money money money money money money money money
32% more spent

by loyalty members

23% more
orders placed

by loyalty members

Denver Milk Market

The Toast restaurant with the most loyalty signups

Denver Milk Market Denver Milk Market
Peoria Denver, CO
12,270 signups

Toast restaurants delight guests with physical and digital gift cards that can be emailed or texted to recipients.

a record-breaking year gift cards sold in 2018
best month for gift cards 107,774 sold
10% more
on average, customers spend 10% more when using a gift card
Ashland Ashland, OR
Human Bean Human Bean
the most
gift cards sold
Human Bean

The Toast restaurant with the most gift cards sold

Learn how to sell more gift cards this year.
month with the
most kiosk sales November

44% increase in kiosk order volume compared to other months of the year

money money money money money
DK Sushi

Increased average order value by 10% through Toast Kiosks

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DK Sushi DK Sushi
Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA

increase in
order value


of restaurateurs said hiring, training, and staff retention were top challenges, according to the 2018 Restaurant Success Report.

What was the largest tip of 2018?

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What was the
most popular day & time to tip?

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at 7pm
What was the
average tip for full
service restaurants?

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The industry is going paperless — with chits and receipts — reducing costs and waste.


of all Toast receipts are delivered digitally (via text or email)

6,300 trees saved

because of the adoption of kitchen display systems & digital receipts

Temecula Temecula, CA
The Goat & Vine The Goat & Vine

decrease in
order comps

The Goat & Vine

Decreased order comps by 60% with Toast KDS

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Toast Community

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Toast restaurants went the extra mile to delight their guests in 2018. Congratulations to the members of the Toast Community who received prestigious awards this year.

James Beard Foundation

James Beard Awards

Michelin Stars

Michelin Stars

The Toast Community is thriving - and spreading the word. Throughout the year, friends of Toast referred restaurants to join the Toast community.

Help us spread the word about Toast

1,932 total restaurants referred in 2018

Nicholas Nguyen

Top Toast Referrer

21 new partners added to the Toast ecosystem

see all partners
  • GoParrot
  • Rooam
  • OpenTable
  • Bevspot

49% of Toast customers are using at least one partner integration

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Restaurant Resources

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Since 2015, the Toast Restaurant Management Blog has published restaurant-related resources every week. In 2018, the blog reached new milestones.

1.8 Million



new subscribers

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The Garnish - Named the Best Restaurant Podcast by Groupon

listen here

38 Catchy Restaurant Slogans

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How to Calculate Food Cost Percentage

watch here

Restaurant Business Plan Template

download here
Toasty Awards 2019

Let's celebrate a great year by recognizing
top Toast restaurants in 2019!

The Toasty Awards is an annual program that honors the hard work and ingenuity of the Toast Community.

Masters of Technology

For restaurants that use technology in innovative ways

  • 1 year of free Toast software
  • $2K print/digital ad budget
  • Trip to celebrate in Boston
Greatest of All Time Staff

For restaurant staff that create a standout experience for guests

  • $8K for FOH/BOH upgrades
  • $2K staff party
  • Trip to celebrate in Boston
Local Community Advocate

For restaurants giving back to their local community

  • $5K for FOH/BOH upgrades
  • $5K in restaurant gift cards
  • Trip to celebrate in Boston
Food for Thought Leadership

For restaurants making a large-scale impact on national causes

  • $15K toward charity of choice
  • Trip to celebrate in Boston