You Asked, We Listened

Your feedback is an important factor in determining what Toast builds next and we appreciate you sharing it with us. Here are a few features we’ve recently released based on requests and suggestions heard directly from you. 

This is just a sample of our recent releases based on feedback from restauranteurs like you.

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Single-use Promo Codes are here!

We recently released Single-use promo codes (SUPC) for orders placed via Online Ordering and Toast TakeOut. Single-use promo codes gives restaurants the ability to easily configure a promo code as “single-use” and automatically reject multiple redemptions attempts by a guest. Based on early results, restaurants using SUPC are saving an average of 9.2% on promo costs. SUPC is currently scheduled to be released  on the POS by the end of Q1. 

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Round Up Fundraising Feature for Online Ordering!

The new Round Up feature for Online Ordering lets restaurants set up a fundraising campaign to support a local or national charity of their choice. Guests are able to "Round Up" their total to the nearest dollar when placing an online order, with proceeds going to the restaurant's selected cause. Restaurants can set up a fundraising campaign in the Guest Engagement section of their Toast account. 

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Payroll Notifications

Now we send proactive payroll notification emails to Toast Payroll customers when they have a payroll coming due and when a payroll is overdue. These new notifications remind customers to post payroll if their payroll is past due or if they are at risk of posting payroll late. Posting payroll after the deadline can lead to delays in employee payments which can impact employee satisfaction. Our customers juggle many operational tasks on their day-to-day, we are excited to be an ally in helping them remember to post payroll and pay their employees on time. 

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Access to more Funding Options

The Toast Capital team was listening when our customers expressed the need for access to more funding. You may now have the option to select a longer repayment period, and also have the potential to access even more funding. This means more funding to help with the expansion project you’ve been dreaming about, or to help with opening that additional location!

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Toast Capital Loans are issued by WebBank, Member FDIC. Loans are subject to credit approval and may not be available in certain jurisdictions. WebBank reserves the right to change or discontinue this program without notice.

Weekly Performance Email

The weekly performance email automatically sends you a summary of key business performance metrics at the beginning of each week.  This report has a new upgrade to include a projected sales forecast for the upcoming week. If you have been on Toast for more than 180 days and have been open for the last two weeks, you will now see a sales projection at the start of every week to help you make more informed planning decisions for staffing, inventory, marketing, and more.

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Rush Orders on the Kitchen Display System

We heard from customers about the importance of being able to rush an order for the KDS screen. Whether you need to rush something for a missed item, VIP, or impatient customer, you can now do so easily with a few taps on the expo screen of the KDS instead of walking over and finding the ticket somewhere on the line!

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Configure Tip amounts for Order & Pay

Toast Order & Pay used to have fixed tipped amounts displayed to guests when paying their bill. We heard from you that you want to be able to customize these options, and now you can! Order & Pay will now use the configured tip amounts that you set up within Toast.

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