Aloha Poke's Secret Ingredient: Toast  


Scalability, ease of use, and the ability for any staff member to jump in and assist with orders was what managing partner Zach Friedlander was looking for in a point of sale system for Aloha Poke.

With two locations currently open (and 14 more opening up within the next year), having a stable, expandable, and streamlined point of sale system was a high priority for Friedlander. After using Toast, he confidently claimed that, "the general Toast platform was the most efficient and effective point of sale to use for widespread training, for growth, [and] for optimization." 


"It's incredibly easy to train staff," says Friedlander. "It's really easy to throw new people in there, whether it's someone in the kitchen, or someone who's on the register."

With the fast-paced environment of a quick-service restaurant, it was clear that an easy-to-use point of sale system with intuitive controls and a quick learning curve was an important consideration in Zach's choice.  

Another function of Toast that stood out was Toast's Reporting. "Being able to click a little drop-down and see all of our store's revenue numbers, labor number, everything really well-organized has been a huge help," Zach says.

Online Ordering

Having an integrated online ordering system has certainly been advantageous for Zach and Aloha Poke. "I think that my favorite feature is Online Ordering," he says.  

With Toast, Aloha Poke has kept its online ordering revenue in-house, rather than paying fees to third party online ordering and delivery services. Between Toast's integrated online ordering and Aloha Poke's social media presence, Zach was able to market to a new revenue stream, while keeping more control, and revenue in-house.

"We've definitely seen about a 15% uptick in revenue week over week, just from delivery and pre-order pickup," says Zach. 

Better Visibility in the Kitchen

Aloha Poke originally didn't use a kitchen display screen, but soon after using it, found it indispensable. By being able to note which orders were delivery or pickup, Aloha Poke is able to optimize their expo line for maximum efficiency.


"We've been able to have a little more freedom in organizing what items are coming ahead of other, color coding things," says Zach. "It's been a huge help."


With 14 locations opening nationwide in the next year, having access to an feature-rich point of sale system is a must for Zach and his team.

"I've found that Toast is the easiest to integrate with, and easier to work with. In a system where there's more and more things you can buy and add on, I found that the Toast software was incredibly fair," says Zach. "I rest well having Toast, knowing that if there are any issues, everything is so easy and seamless."


"We've definitely seen about a 15% uptick in revenue week over week, just from delivery and pre-order pickup,"

- Zack Friedlander, Managing Partner

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