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2016 Toast Year in Review

Here’s a recap of the 2016 data collected from the incredible Toast restaurant community. 

  • $2+ billion dollars in sales (That’s billion with a b, folks).
  • Restaurants in 49 states are using Toast - if you know a restaurant owner in North Dakota, we’d love to meet them! 
  • The most popular menu items this year prove that, while health food may be on the rise, Americans still love the classics.
    • 4.1 million burgers grilled
    • 3.7 million pizzas tossed
    • 6 million sodas poured (That’s 186 million grams of sugar - but who’s counting?)
  • 40% of guests prefer their meat medium-well to well done compared to just 20% preferring the rare side.
  • In 2016, over 10,600 invoices were entered into the Toast inventory system from food distributors and more than 2,100 inventory counts were completed.
  • 480,000 transactions came through online orders this year, with some restaurants processing as much as 50% of takeout through their websites.
  • 54% of online orders came from mobile devices.
  • Gift cards are also an important revenue source for restaurants. This year, Toast restaurants sold 147,000 gift cards, adding nearly $7 million in sales to their bottom line.
  • The average gift card purchase was $47.
  • Over 425,000 guests have joined a rewards program at restaurants using Toast. They’ve redeemed their rewards more than 133k times.

It’s pretty clear that the Toast restaurant community has accomplished some major milestones in 2016. At Toast, we look back on the year and are filled with gratitude for the growing, thriving community of restaurant operators who help us innovate and improve every day. Toast hired over 200 people to help make our customers successful in the years to come. Happy new year!