Our most-requested features ever. For freedom like never before.

Introducing: Toast Now
In the know.
In control.
On the go.

The app is here! It’s our most-requested feature ever, tested and designed with over 1,000 customers to improve every part of the experience.

Get immediate insights

Live sales data with hour-by-hour totals and helpful breakdowns, including comparisons to same day last week and year.

Control delivery channels

Curb the flow of orders to the kitchen with easy on-off toggles for online ordering, Toast Takeout, and third-party apps like Grubhub.

Communicate and coordinate

Add and edit entries to your manager log, synced with Toast Web, and reply quickly with simple conversational threads.

Easily toggle between locations

Multi-location view keeps things simple. Log in once and see all your locations and performance in a single place.

86 from anywhere

Mark items in stock and out of stock so employees can keep customers informed and solve for shortages in real time.

Keep tabs on your team

See who’s clocked in or out, edit employee shifts, and view shift information, including tips earned and break times.

Take a peek behind the scenes

Our customer partnership in action.

Introducing: The New POS Experience
Best-in-class service. However
you do it.

A sleek, intuitive update with more complete functionality for all service models.

Q323 spark web thumbnails POS Open View

Open view

Open view shows all items and modifiers on one screen, so you can enter complicated orders rapid-fire. Triple-shot iced latte with oat milk? Tap, tap, done.

Q323 spark web thumbnails POS Server Item Fire

Server item fire

With the ability to hold individual items and easily stay on top of multiple courses, your FOH crew can have complete control of pacing.

Q323 spark web thumbnails POS Dark Mode

Dark mode

Bars and lounges? We see you. Meaning, you won’t see us. Our much-asked-for dark mode maintains all the features and functionality — without killing the vibe.

Q323 spark web thumbnails POS Order by Seat

Order by seat

Servers can now place orders by seat numbers, without extra screens — a must for high-touch service and increased efficiency.

Q323 spark web thumbnails POS Table Timer

Table timers

Created for improved pacing and quicker turnover, table timers show staff how long a check has been open, so they can prioritize their attention.

Q323 spark web thumbnails POS Table Detail

Detailed table insights

Give your team the full context they need, from guest count to total spend to server assignment, in easily viewable active tables or list view.

Plus, get a first look at KDS updates

Coming Soon: Kitchen Display System Updates
Your kitchen, with less chaos

Exciting kitchen display updates will eliminate clunky workarounds and complex screen views with infinite scrolls, making every rush a little more predictable.

Q323 spark web thumbnails KDS Offline Mode

Offline mode

Reliable offline mode keeps the flow of orders and information going between kitchen display screens and your POS, even during internet outages.

Q323 spark web thumbnails KDS Grid View

Grid view

Designed specifically for high-volume quick-service restaurants, paginated grid view provides a predictable, organized view of tickets — no more hunting through an endless scroll.

Q323 spark web thumbnails KDS Small Item Labels

Small-item Labels

Cafes, bakeries, pizzerias: Get psyched for smaller sticky labels, sized to fit on coffee cups, sides of pizza boxes, and tiny muffin-shaped containers.

See what else is new

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Toast for Cafes & Bakeries

So effortless, it’s an afterthought: That’s how we designed our solution for cafes and bakeries. With open-ordering screens, order-ready boards and cafe-specific features like item-based loyalty, our new features are designed to simplify the things you do every day.

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Food Waste Reduction

Take the mystery out of food waste costs with Food Waste Reduction, a suite of features to help you reduce food waste through real-time data, including a POS waste tracker, an insights dashboard, and an educational hub.

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Toast Fundraising

We’re excited to empower more local giving with our fundraising feature, built into the New POS Experience, which invites customers to contribute to their purchase for a charity or cause of their choosing. A chance for you to love your community back.

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Toast for restaurant retail

One platform to meet both your retail and foodservice needs, including inventory management and bar code scanning, creation, and printing, so you can get stock shelf-ready in a snap.

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Independent prep station fulfillment

A simplified KDS workflow to keep things moving quickly without awkward multi-click workarounds. Now cooks at different prep stations can complete their tickets without closing the entire order.

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Catering and events

We’re helping you grow your off-premise revenue streams with catering online ordering. Now you can customize your digital ordering experience to fit your catering operations, enabling frictionless online ordering and easier prep for large events.

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Online ordering

Grow your business with commission-free online ordering that helps you get discovered, access millions of hungry guests, and drive repeat orders.

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Order-ready board

Keep your customers and delivery drivers in the know with the order-ready board, a guest-facing screen showing the status of all open orders. Without having to keep constant tabs on orders, your employees can focus elsewhere.

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