Toast Products Built for Front of House

Tired of your point of sale holding you back? Don't let technology get in the way of delivering an amazing guest experience.

Toast Products Built for Front of House

Learn how Toast helps your front of house thrive.

From our custom built Toast Go® handheld, to kiosks that enable diner self service, Toast allows you and your team to deliver amazing guest experiences through a Point of Sale built solely with your restaurant in mind.

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Toast Point of Sale

Toast Point of Sale combines software, hardware, and payment processing on a single platform purpose-built for restaurants.

Runs on Android

Intuitive and Easy to Use

Restaurant Grade Hardware

Table Management

Real-time Feedback Alerts

Real-time Reporting

Digital Receipts

Hardwired Terminals with Offline Mode

Split Checks

Orders Fire Directly to your KDS

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Toast Go®

Boost revenue, increase efficiency, and delight your guests with Toast Go®, a fully integrated handheld restaurant POS system.


Order Notifications

Tableside Payments

Fire Directly to the Kitchen

Drop & Spill Resistant

14 Hour Battery Life

Automatic Menu Updates

Real-time Feedback Alerts

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Toast Kiosk

Orders flow through your restaurant faster and guests are in control with Toast Kiosk.

Easy To Use Interface

Order Notification

Scanner Integration

Kitchen Technology Integration

Custom Branding

Tip on Screen

Recommended Add-ons

Show Images of Menu Items

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Toast Guest Feedback

Improve operations, coach staff, and avoid negative reviews with Guest Feedback.

Real-time Guest Feedback

Report Tracking

Manager SMS Notification

Improve Guest Retention

Guest Info Capture

Digital Receipt Feedback

Track Server Performance

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Success Stories

Delight your guests every time, on time.

Reduce Ticket Times


"Our average ticket times have dropped by about 20% since we started using the handhelds. Overall table turn time has improved by five minutes.”
David Blanson Whisknladle

David Balanson
Chief Operations Officer


Increase Revenue


"We were at a point where I thought we had plateaued. Now with Toast we're up 20% in the same footprint which equates to $1M in annual revenue.”
O'Maddy's Joe Gunther

Joe Guenther


Increase Server Tips


Odd Duck
"The tip increase we saw with the Toast Go® devices astounded me. From 2016, when we were running Aloha, to now, our servers are making anywhere from an extra $6,000 to $7,000 a year in tips.”
Cory Neel Odd Duck

Cory Neel
General Manager

Odd Duck Logo
Why Toast

Toast is built for restaurants so you can focus on what matters most.

hardware bundle
  • Hardwired terminals with offline mode ensure you run in real time, all the time

  • A cloud-based platform that allows you to manage menus and access reports anywhere

  • Restaurant-grade hardware built for the restaurant environment

  • Front of house and back of house teams reducing ticket times and working in sync

  • Native integrations with all the leading technology partners

  • Improved staff retention due to increased tips

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