How Toast POS Software for Restaurants Works

Jump into the everyday operations of Toast. While our all-in-one platform makes for one experience, our POS software is second to none and is guaranteed to simplify your life and enchant your guests. See how it works today!

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Easily Update & Manage
Your Toast POS

Add a menu item, change the layout of the menu buttons, start an 86 countdown, or mark an item as out of stock in seconds, right from the tablet interface, and sync the changes to all devices with no interruption to your ability to serve guests.  

Best part? You don’t need to be on site to make any menu or system change. Just log in from any internet-ready device and you are good to go.

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"I've worked with a lot of point-of-sale companies. Before Toast, I'd never had my expectations completely met when it came to the type of support we received. The level of ownership that Toast has taken over our success is something I've never seen from any other restaurant technology company."
– Ben Kaplan, Director of Operations, Barbara Lynch Gruppo



It's Never Been Easier to Place An Order

Are your servers wasting valuable customer time rushing back and forth from the kitchen or terminal to their tables? With POS tablets, servers can fire orders immediately, so they can better focus on increasing guest satisfaction.

What’s more, the touchscreen streamlines the ordering experience; with only a few taps, you can improve throughput by 15% or more.


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Guests Pay At The Table

The pay at the table experience is revolutionary. Now, guests don’t have to say goodbye to their credit card as servers whisk it to a terminal; instead, they can pay, sign, and tip right at the table using our tablets. Our restaurant point of sale software also allows guests to rate their experience and join your loyalty program within that same interaction.

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Your Restaurant with Tablets

With our custom-built Android tablets, your restaurant is truly mobile. When your servers are no longer tethered to the POS system, they can spend more time entertaining guests.

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Measure Important Restaurant Metrics In Real-Time

How often do you want to be able to access real-time insight about your business? Our Restaurant Technology in 2015 Study found that 46% of restaurant owners look at their business reports and metrics every day. 

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Real-Time Analytics Anytime

We believe you shouldn’t have to be at your restaurant to access reports and gain insight into your business. With Toast, you can log in from anywhere, using any device with internet access, and view all of your reports and metrics in real-time.

Daily KPI Emails

Restaurant owners can set up the Toast system to automatically email them daily with the metrics that are most important to them, so key insights about their business are waiting for them in their inboxes every day. 

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Hardware to Fit Your Restaurant

First things first - choose between any combination of 5 and 8 inch handheld devices, 10, 15, and 22 inch counter terminals, KDS screens, and more so your Toast setup meets your exact specifications. 

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Custom Built by You

Customize the entire menu look and workflow, create employee permissions by role or individual user, route items to specific prep stations, and even select the days and times menu items and discounts are available.

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