POS for Quick Service Restaurants

Toast is easily customizable for quick service and fast casual concepts.
Equip your QSR with the right combination of Toast hardware and software features.


Customized for Your Concept

We’ll work with you to customize Toast for your restaurant.

We'll help build a combination of hardware and software that optimizes throughput and makes the line move faster, whether you’re a 1-location coffee shop with a tablet POS or a 100-location fast casual restaurant with restaurant kiosks.

Simplified Restaurant Training

New hires need to be able to take orders right away. So we made the ordering and payment process intuitive, fast, and easy to navigate, so training new cashiers is a breeze.  

Access Outside the Restaurant

You can spend time away from your restaurant and still have a window into your sales with real-time reporting of all your locations. 


Improve QSR Throughput & Efficiency


Line Bust Like Never Before

Shave 10 seconds or more off your payment process. Customize your quick service POS buttons, flip the tablet to face customers, and take more orders using a mobile handheld tablet in the line.

Manage Your Hardworking Team

With advanced labor reports, you can identify your all-stars and your slackers, adjust time entries, and easily export payroll in one click.

Triple Staff Tips With Customer-Facing Displays

When guests are prompted to tip, they tip three times more. And you know the drill: more tips = less turnover = more money saved.

Discount How You Want, When You Want

You have the flexibility you need to pull the discounting lever with BOGO discounts, item-specific discounts, and date- and time-based discounts.




See the Whole Story of Your QSR 


Your Personal Quick Service Restaurant Sales Trends

Understand how your quick-service restaurant sales are trending over time, including the days and times that you bring in the most customers and revenue.

Optimize Your Menu with Data By Your Side

Analyze which menu items are bringing you the most sales and which ones you might want to reconsider.

Be On a First-Name Basis With Your Customers

With Toast CRM, get a holistic view of all customer data, collected from digital receipts and loyalty programs, and know exactly how much each customer spends.

Toast POS Reporting >


"Toast has made it so easy for us to see what items are performing well and what items are performing poorly, and that is really the key to running a successful restaurant business - actually knowing what your sales are, what’s working, and what’s not."

- Irene Li, Owner, Mei Mei  | Read the full review >

Drive QSR Business In Exciting New Ways

Restaurant Loyalty
Programs, Reimagined

With loyalty prompts integrated into the payment process, your signup rate will increase by 10x. Toast will recognize the credit card on swipe, so loyalty accumulation and redemption is easy.

Share the Love -
Gift Card Love, That Is

Easily sell gift cards on the tablet, track gift card sales, and accept digital or physical gift cards as payment. Guests can even text gift cards and leave a personalized message! 

Give Guest the Power
to Order Online

Save countless of dollars on commission fees by using Toast’s white-label online ordering, which integrates directly with your customer data and your kitchen operations.

"Toast is the best investment I’ve ever made. I’ve saved thousands of dollars on food costs by being able to track my inventory better and removing the menu items that are a drag on my bottom line. The fact that I can update my menu in Toast and it automatically updates my online ordering has probably saved me five to six hours a week."

- Matt Stanfield, Owner, Mattenga's

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A True Partner in Toast

Non-Stop Service

There’s no point in running a restaurant if you can’t take cards. Toast works even if the internet drops, so you never have to interrupt service.

Our 24/7 Support Team Is Here For You

We work around the clock to make sure your restaurant is running smoothly. That means 24/7/365 support… Or 366 on leap years.

Your Success Is Our Success

When you partner with Toast, you partner with a knowledgeable, committed, and forward-thinking team, always brainstorming ways to help your restaurant grow.


POS Hardware Built for QSRs

quick service POS hardware


Terminal Bundle

Our POS systems are built on Android, meaning hardware is more durable and more reliable… and more cost-effective.

Handheld Tablet

These tablets fire orders to the kitchen instantly and are perfect for line busting at your popular quick service restaurant.

APG Cash Drawer

These cash drawers keep your money totally secure. With cash management, you can also offer “blind closeout” capabilities.

Restaurant Kiosks

Reduce your wait times by setting up restaurant kiosks from which customers can order exactly what they want, when they want.

"Toast is simple to use and has everything we need - actually, it has even more than what we need, so we know our restaurant can grow with Toast."

- Charles Gonzalez, Owner, Rosella Coffee

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