POS Ordering System for Restaurants

With our custom-built Android tablets, your restaurant is truly mobile. Whether you’re an FSR using handhelds to turn tables faster or a QSR speeding up the line, the Toast POS ordering system can help increase the number of guests you can serve, and serve accurately, during your busiest hours.

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Take and Fire Orders Immediately

Are your servers wasting valuable customer time rushing back and forth from the kitchen or terminal to their tables? Our mobile POS software, tablets, terminals, and kitchen display screens operate on the same system. That way, servers can fire orders to the kitchen in just a few taps, improving throughput by 15% or more.  


Get Instant Notifications
When Orders Are Ready

With mobile tablets, you’re obviously on the go - but hopefully not back to the kitchen to check on an order. Instead, Toast sends notifications to your servers’ tablets when orders are ready, so your servers are alerted the moment an order has been fulfilled.

"Adding the POS system to our Chicago site allowed us to significantly increase the number of transactions in the store per hour – we’re now averaging 17 seconds per transaction with a 55 percent increase in transactions per hour. This has considerably helped our Chicago team cater to their high-traffic environment."

- Jeff Jacobson, Costa Vida COO

Split Checks and Menu Items

Toast makes it easy to “drag and drop” menu items to split checks and individual menu items across any number of guests. Does a couple want to split the check in half? Done. Does a group want to share the cost for a plate of nachos? No problem.

Guests Pay At The Table

The pay at the table experience is revolutionary. Now, guests don’t have to say goodbye to their credit card as servers whisk it to a terminal; instead, they can pay and sign right at the table using our tablets. 

Print Receipts Are So Last Year

Your customers have gone mobile. Give them the option to receive email or text receipts. Plus, whether you’re using print, text, or email, you can easily add your logo and  personalized message. Maybe a thank-you?

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Turn Payments into Loyalty 

We all know how hard it is to get restaurant guests to join your loyalty program. In the past, you may have given comment cards for guests can enter their emails, and then inputted that information manually.

Well, gone are those days: now
customers can sign up for your loyalty program at the end of a transaction. This helps you increase loyalty program signups, capture their email, and sync their past buying history.

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Real-Time Updates to Your Database

Robust cloud solutions mean that data about your orders updates instantly to all terminals. You can see real-time data about how productive your servers are, your sales across multiple locations, and which of your menu items are top performers.