Kitchen Display Systems (KDS)

Simplify back-of-the-house operations, better manage incoming orders and improve turnaround times with Toast POS kitchen display systems.

Customize Your Setup

Choose any combination of 10, 15, and 22 inch screens to equip your back of house with wall-mounted kitchen display screens and expediter screens. The screens work alongside kitchen printers or alone.

Route Orders to
Specific Screens

Configure routing preferences for kitchen display screens just like kitchen printers. Designate which stations and printers receive orders based on item type or category settings. 

Two Level
Order Fulfillment

This feature is designed to enable the use of two kitchen display systems to optimize your workflow: the KDS and the expediter screen. The first-level fulfillment comes from the kitchen’s KDS, when the order is created. The second-level fulfillment comes from the food runner’s expediter screen, when orders are actually delivered to the table, making both parties accountable.

On-Screen Notifications

Servers receive notifications on their terminal or handheld devices when their orders have been filled by the kitchen, so guests receive their food as soon as it’s ready.

Track Tickets and 
Fulfillment Times

View all of the open tickets on the restaurant kitchen display screens, mark tickets as completed, and track how long it takes to fill each order. Even set thresholds so tickets turn yellow or red to call attention to orders that are not marked as filled within certain timeframes.

Integrated With
Online Ordering

When customers make an order online, it automatically fires to the KDS. No more keying in orders at the hostess station! However, if you prefer to approve orders yourself, the workflow is easily customizable.  You can even route orders to specific prep stations and screens. 

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"Toast KDS screens tell us exactly how long it’s taking to get an order to the customer, because each order has a timer on it. We have a better grasp on how we’re managing the line in that moment."
- Will Goodwin, Spoken Cafe

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