Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream POS System

A POS system customized for the unique demands of frozen yogurt and ice cream shops.


Weigh In with Integrated Scales

Is your frozen yogurt DIY? If your guests are making their own combination of vanilla and banana yogurt + raspberries + gummi bears, you’ll want to sell by the pound. Your POS should make that easy with integrated scales and a price per unit feature.


Speed Through Long Lines

The guest experience at your froyo shop just got faster. Just flip the terminal to face customers, and they can pay, tip, and sign all on the tablet. They can also opt for digital or text receipts, improving throughput by 15%. Plus, if your internet connection ever dies, you can still operate in offline mode.

Grow Customer Loyalty by 10X

These days, there’s a frozen yogurt shop around every corner. Boost customer loyalty with a program integrated in your POS and tied to their credit cards. With one click, guests can start accumulating points immediately, and restaurant owners can offer promotions, targeted email campaigns, and more.

“Toast has made it so easy for us to see what items are performing well and what items are performing poorly and that is really the key to running a successful restaurant business - actually knowing what your sales are, what’s working, and what’s not."
- Irene Li, Mei Mei

Top Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream POS Features



Adaptable Frozen Yogurt Menu

You’re adding new frozen yogurts, toppings, and smoothies every week. Your menu should be just as adaptable as your frozen yogurt shop is. Make changes in Quick Edit Mode anywhere, anytime, and sync those changes across all tablets. Easily modify orders to account for different sizes and toppings, and offer price-based promotions based on ounces and pounds.

Reports on Your Best Selling & Most Profitable Yogurts

Quickly check your daily frozen yogurt sales or drill down to identify more specific insights. From sales exception reports to product mix reports, labor percentage reports to customer management reports, loyalty program reports to gift card reports, all your data updates in real-time and is accessible anytime, from anywhere.

Loyalty and Gift Cards Programs

Keep customers coming back and earning restaurant rewards with Toast's a restaurant loyalty program built in to your POS system. Get more customers to opt in by integrating POS loyalty signup with the ordering and payment process, and customize the points and rewards all through Toast.

Smart Restaurant Employee Staffing

Save time by automatically tracking each employee’s hours, pay, and productivity and simplifying end-of-shift and close-out-day processes with Toast’s labor management software. With Toast’s real-time reporting, you’ll be able to keep tabs on your restaurant labor and sales from anywhere and take advantage of opportunities to reduce labor costs.



A Reliable, Affordable POS Partner


Hands-On Training


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PCI Certified


Monthly Upgrades


Recommended POS Hardware for Your Ice Cream Shop

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15” Elo Terminal

Our POS systems are built on Android, meaning hardware is more durable, more reliable and more cost-effective. Plus, they can flip to face the customer!


Pole Display Pos-X XP-8200

Do you want your guests to see their price on a pole display? Our integrated pole displays make the payments simple and easy - and most importantly, fast.

Brecknell 6710u Scale

Make your shop scaleable with our POS software and our Brecknell scales! Measure each frozen yogurt bowl by weight, and instantly see that reflected in your POS system.

APG Cash Drawer

Keep your money totally secure. The Toast system keeps track of all cash that passes through the cash drawer and offers blind closeout capabilities during the end-of-shift review.