POS for Full Service Restaurants

A POS system designed specifically for full service restuarants.
Equipped for FSRs of all sizes with hardware and software options customized to fit your concept.


Customized to Fit Your Restaurant

Customize the hardware options and software features your restaurant needs.

Once that is decided our installation team will work with you to customize your menu setup, kitchen workflow, and each part of the Toast platform so it is tailored for your restaurant.

Get Staff Up to Speed Faster

With Toast the ordering and payment process is intuitive, fast, and easy to navigate, so you can be confident that new staff members will be able to quickly learn how to best use the platform.

Manage Your Restaurant Anywhere 

Even if you’re not in the restaurant, you can monitor restaurant sales reports, sales exception reports, payment reports, and menu reports in real-time with online dashboards.


Improve Turn Times with a Tablet POS

Empower Employees with Tableside Ordering  

With tableside ordering, your servers can take orders, fire tickets directly to the kitchen, and accept payments without ever leaving the table.

Easily Make Edits to Your Menu

Using Quick Edit Mode, staff members with the appropriate permissions to make changes on the fly and note the number of servings left before an item will become 86’d.

Split Checks With Ease

With Toast, servers can split checks by seat number or each item can easily be moved to individual checks.

Back-of-House and Front-of-House Are Synced

Fire tickets directly to the kitchen display screen. Servers don’t have to run back and forth to the kitchen, and chefs can manage orders as they appear in-real time.


Save Time on Restaurant Reporting

When Guests are Happy, Everyone’s Happy

Identify your best customers, their favorite items, and their average spend, and personalize their restaurant experience with Toast CRM.

Keep Tabs On Your Staff

Measure the productivity and impact specific servers and managers have on your bottom line with advanced labor reporting. 

Sharpen Your Chefs' Skills 

Get real-time data on kitchen efficiency with net sales and average fulfillment time by hour and tickets by fulfillment time.

Give Menu Engineering A Try

Access detailed reports about your menu, including items that are driving sales and items that aren’t, and make data-backed decisions about your menu design.

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"We were at a point where I thought we had plateaued. I said 'That's the most volume I'm going to be able to get out of that kitchen, out of that number of seats.' Then Toast came along, and that number's up twenty percent."

- Joe Guenther,  O'Maddy's Bar and Grille  |  Read The Full Review >


Boost Your Full Service Restaurant Revenue 

More Loyalty Signups

With Toast, 10X more customers will sign up for loyalty with their email because it’s integrated in the payment process, resulting in thousands of emails in your restaurant database, all tied to their order history.

More Gift Card Sales

With physical or digital gift cards integrated in the POS system, you can increase gift card sales by 72% according to our gift card study. Toast also allows guests to easily check their balance anytime, anywhere.

More Online Ordering Revenue

Eliminate online ordering commission fees, create a branded online ordering website accessible on all devices, and customize the entire online ordering experience with Toast's white-label online ordering system.

“I can’t emphasize enough how important it is that our servers are focused on interacting tableside. With Toast, it’s so much faster to do things like change the price of a menu item or edit modifiers and that it really does free up staff to focus on the service. Because the Toast system is so sharp, the entire staff is more dedicated to serving the guests."

- Ben Kaplan, Director of Operations, Barbara Lynch Gruppo

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Toast By Your Side 

We Won't Let You Down 

If you lose internet connection, you can still operate in Offline Mode. Servers will still be able to take credit cards as normal, and you’ll experience little to no interruption in service.

We're Awaiting Your Call (Or Email)

If the water boils over, we're here for you. With 24/7 emergency POS support, you never have to worry that it’s too late. We’ll answer the phone, your email, or your chat in mere minutes.

We're Not a Provider - We're A Partner

Toast isn’t just a point of sale provider; we want to see your restaurant succeed. That’s why we partner with restaurants to tackle the unique challenges of their specific environment.


POS Hardware Built for Full Service Restaurant

full service pos hardware


Terminal Bundle

The Toast POS terminals are built on Android, meaning the hardware is more durable, reliable, and cost-effective. Updates will be sent directly to your tablets once a month.

Handheld Tablet

These handheld tablets fire orders instantly to the kitchen and allow for tableside ordering and payments. They're perfect to improve table turn time for your busy FSR.

Kitchen Display

Route orders to specific screens, track tickets and fulfillment times, and completely customize your setup with Toast's wall-mounted kitchen display screen.

Secure in the Cloud

Our recommended Meraki  Routers broadcast wirelessly up to 1,000 square feet, so your full service restaurant is safe in the cloud, no matter what.

"We were looking for a company with whom we could build a relationship. We evaluated dozens of companies, but we felt almost immediately that the best partnership was with Toast. It was Toast’s attention to detail, transparency, and the commitment they showed to the partnership that stood out to us."

- Paul Zarmati, Director of IT, Bareburger


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