Deli POS System

Keep lines moving with a deli POS system that enables faster service, shorter wait-times and better inventory tracking.


Improve Throughput by 15%

Speed up your throughput so sandwiches can keep flying off the counter with an easy-to-use deli POS. Train managers and cashiers in minutes, and allow customers to pay, sign, and tip on a terminal that flips to face them. Plus, stop wasting time printing paper by allowing customer to opt for text or email receipts.    


Track Each Sandwich Recipe

Monitor real-time sandwich sales with digital reports. View which sandwiches, toppings, and snacks are most popular and make data-driven decisions about what to keep on your menu and what to nix. Plus, view daily sales numbers, labor reports, customer reports, and more.

Focus on Your Customers

You’re not an IT shop, you’re a deli. Free up time to focus on your customers without worrying about your technology. Process credit card transactions in offline mode if there’s ever a disruption in internet service, so there’s never a disruption in your service. Then, build a community around your deli with integrated gift card and loyalty programs.

“Identify the functionality you need and the cost you can support, then choose a partner to handle your POS technology… Toast’s cloud-based solution is just what we needed - it saves us money while providing the functionality and tech support we needed so we can focus on serving our customers.” - Mike Miller, Beach Hut Deli

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Top Deli POS Features


 Customize Your Deli Menu

You may be fine-tuning your deli menu - including toppings, ingredients, and recipes - every week. Your POS system should be just as adaptable as your deli is. Work with our menu specialists to create your perfect menu design, then make changes to prices and offerings in Quick Edit Mode anywhere, anytime. Easily modify orders to account for different sizes and ingredients, and track your menu sales overtime.

Create a Community Around Your Deli

Keep  deli customers coming back and earning restaurant rewards with a restaurant loyalty program built in to your POS system. Get more customers to opt in by integrating POS loyalty signup with the ordering and payment process, and customize the points and rewards all through Toast. Plus, view a detailed history of every customer at your deli, so you know when your most popular times are, what your most popular items are, and more.

Onboard New Deli Employees Fast

New employees can learn how to use Toast in minutes, not weeks. With an easy-to-use system, Toast makes training easy. Plus, it saves you time by automatically tracking each employee’s hours, pay, and productivity and simplifying end-of-shift and close-out-day processes. Keep tabs on your restaurant labor and sales from anywhere and take advantage of opportunities to reduce labor costs.

Open Up a New Revenue Stream with Mobile Ordering

As a deli, your lunch rush is probably massive. What if you could optimize that process with online ordering? Here’s how it works: Customers pay for their sandwich order online, via a computer or mobile phone. The order instantly flies to your system. You fulfill the order just like any other. The customer drops by, and their sandwich is ready for them to go, so they can get back to their busy day. You get a sleek looking website and a new revenue stream, and your customers get their orders fast.



A Reliable, Affordable POS Partner


Hands-On Training 


U.S.-Based Support


PCI Certified


Monthly Upgrades



Recommended POS Hardware for Delis

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 deli pos system


15” Elo Terminal

Our POS systems are built on Android, meaning hardware is more durable and more reliable… And more cost-effective. Plus, they can flip to face the customer!


Pole Display Pos-X XP-8200

Do you want your guests to see their price on a pole display? Our integrated pole displays make the payments process simple and easy.

Epson T20 Thermal Printer

If you’re not ready to offer digital receipts, this thermal printer is for you. It doesn’t use ink, but rather "burns" the type onto the receipt, saving you money on ink cartridges.

APG Cash Drawer

Keep your money totally secure. The Toast system keeps track of all cash that passes through the cash drawer and offers blind closeout capabilities during the end-of-shift