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Toast makes it easy for customers to offer catering services. Catering orders can be requested online or in-person, and scheduled for a future date and time. With Toast, it is very easy to customize your catering services and to keep track of all scheduled orders and payments.

Online Ordering

With Toast, you'll receive a fully functional webpage where your customers can go to view your menu, purchase gift cards, and schedule takeout, delivery, and catering orders. The online menu allows your customers to access your menu and place food orders via mobile, tablet, and desktop. In the Toast system, you can specify the specific menu items, groups, and subgroups that are available for online ordering.



Easy Scheduling of Online Orders

Scheduling Future Orders

Customers can then schedule out the delivery date and time for the future. If you want to control how far in the future orders can be scheduled, you can do so in the Toast system. You can also set the specific days and times that delivery orders can be requested, and require customers to enter their contact information when scheduling a future order.


Scheduled Order Details

The order details tab in the Toast sales report allows you to filter the sales report to see all orders that are scheduled for the future. You can see all expected orders for the current day, week, month, or any custom date range. The order details report will show you the expected pickup/delivery time, the expected prep time, the items and modifiers, and any payments that have already been made for that order. This will help your staff to complete all requested orders accurately and on time.




Paid in Total Vs. Deposit Sales Collected

The sales summary reports and Z reports in Toast contain both of these entries for catering and scheduled orders. Paid in total is similar to a deposit in that you have not actually delivered the order yet or made a net sale, but you have already collected the payment for a later date. Deposit sales collected means that all payments have been collected for the entire order.


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