Touch Screen Restaurant Cash Register

Toast cash registers are designed specifically for restaurants.
Intuitive touch screen design simplifies order taking and payments. 

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How Touch Screen Cash Registers Improves Operations

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Staff Training Made Easier 

New hires need to be able to take orders right away. With a Toast touch screen cash register, the ordering and payment process is simple, fast, and easy to navigate, so your staff can get up to speed.

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Faster Orders = More Orders

What if you could shave 10 seconds or more off your payment process?  Improve throughput by 10% or more by customizing your system and taking more orders using a mobile handheld tablet in the line.

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10X More Loyal Customers

The touch screen cash register will prompt your customers to join your loyalty program, increasing your signup rate by 10x and allowing you to collect valuable customer data.

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Prevent Cash Theft 

There are checks in place with a touch screen cash register — whether through a blind closeout or shift review — to ensure that your restaurant staff is as productive as they can be, and to make sure they're not dipping into your revenue.

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Transform Your Guest Experience

Customers can swipe their credit or debit card - or even use Samsung Pay - to pay instantly for their order. However, if a party ever wants to split checks or specific menu items, Toast makes that easy, too.

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Collect Customer Data

With the touch screen cash register's CRM system, you can learn valuable information about your customers, such as who your highest spenders are, food and drink preferences, and more.


"From a staff perspective, the Toast touch screens are so easy. The feedback after a few weeks is that it's so much easier and so much faster than what we were using before."

- Matt Frey, Owner of Bub's Burger |  Read The Full Review >