Café, Bakery, and Coffee Shop POS System

The Right Hardware

Whether you use the flip screen to speed up ordering or the handheld to line bust, Toast café POS hardware options make it easy to run your concept efficiently.

Features to Help You Grow

By taking advantage of Toast’s integrated loyalty and gift card programs, you’ll be able to improve the customer experience while introducing new revenue channels.


Catered To Your Needs

Print out your daily catering orders through Toast and keep track of guests' information including addresses and order details - whether they order online or over the phone.  


 "Toast has really helped us with getting tips. We're able to just swipe the credit card and the first thing our customer sees when we turn around the terminal to face them is a prompt. Our tips have increased by three times the amount of what we used to get."

- Bella Wattles, Paris Creperie  | Read the full review >

Real-Time Café and Bakery Insights On Your Phone, Tablet, and Desktop 

Toast makes it easy to gain insight into your bakery sales and labor with detailed reporting and analytics. 


“With our old system, it was always a hassle to change things - always two or three windows. But with Toast, I can make changes right from the POS in just a few seconds. And making changes from the computer is really easy too.” - Charles Gonzalez, Rosella Coffee

Which Pastries, Coffee Drinks, or Breads Are Selling the Most? 

Analyze your most profitable and most popular menu items with detailed reporting on your bakery sales trends, including the days and times that bring in the most revenue.

Are Your Servers Upselling Bagels Too Much? 

Identify your fastest and most productive employees, and use data to see exactly how how your labor costs are translating into sales in real-time.

How In the World Are You Going to Make Changes to Your Menu? 

Have a seasonal menu? How about specials? No worries. You can make changes to your menu quickly and easily, right from the POS in a few seconds. 

Selling Coffee? Get Guests to Sell It For You With Digital Gift Cards 

If your guests love your café or bakery, they most likely want their friends to love it too. When they buy physical or digital gift cards, you can track gift card sales, card balances, and more right from the Toast POS.

Expand Your Business With Toast's Add-On Features

With Toast, it’s very easy to add additional tablets as your business grows. Toast also offers a variety of additional features designed to help you increase revenue and customer engagement.

Learn How Each Feature Can Improve Your Business

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Unlimited Software Updates

At Toast, we’re always working to improve the system and release new features. As a result, we release system upgrades on a monthly basis so our customers always have the most up-to-date system and the newest features.


Round the Clock Support

“Support is rapid and responsive. We never need tech visits. All updates are completed automatically and remotely. Updates to Toast have been lightspeed compared to other POS systems.”

Pete Minich, Fresh City