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What defines a successful restaurant?
We surveyed over 800 restaurant owners, managers, and leaders to identify which business decisions they're making to grow profit in 2018.

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The Keys to Restaurant Success in 2018

We drew the line between successful restaurants and those that see less growth in profit. Download the report to see their biggest challenges in marketing, staffing, and technology, and what these restaurateurs are doing to counter them.

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Staffing &

The findings of the report suggest restaurants may be responsible for their high turnover rates. Successful restaurants take steps to communicate clearly and retain staff.

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Marketing &
Social Media

In an ever-changing digital landscape, restaurants taking the risk to move away from more traditional marketing methods are seeing success.

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Restaurant Technology

From text message marketing to mobile pay, successful restaurants are quick to embrace new, innovative tech to increase profits in 2018

“Some [restaurants] are going to have a hard time if they continue to try to compete doing the same things they have been doing. Innovation and bringing fresh ideas to the table are key to staying out in front of your market. Having great food and service is not enough in 2018.”

Donald Burns
The Restaurant Coach
“Technology has really become an imperative in running a profitable restaurant – even restaurants that a couple of years ago were not using technology like point of sale, analytics, and online ordering are now being forced to adopt solutions to stay in business and remain competitive."

Charles Shoener
Director of Business Development at Avero, Inc.
"As the economy continues to grow, as jobs get better and better, less people are going to want to work in the restaurant industry. So you have to get better. Your job is not to hire better than everyone else, but to get an employee from A to Z faster, cheaper, and more efficiently than everybody else.”

Ryan Gromfin
The Restaurant Boss


of restaurateurs say they are optimistic for their restaurant's sales in 2018.


of restaurateurs say hiring, training, and staff retention is a top challenge in 2018.


of restaurateurs admit to scheduling employees to work fewer hours each week.

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This report identifies the actions, decisions, and mentality of the operators of successful restaurants in 2018. Our goal is for readers to learn from their peers, better their operations, and continue to grow the American restaurant business.



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