Restaurant Income Statement
[Free Sample Template]

Determine areas of strength and weakness within your restaurant with a
free P&L statement or income statement template. 


Get Data-Driven Insights Into Your Restaurant Health

Data drives business. It's important to understand your restaurant's key metrics in order to improve operations and profit margins.

In order to improve your restaurant's margins, you need to first identify the areas of your operations that are contributing the most to, and detracting the most from, your bottom line. 

Using our free, interactive restaurant income statement template, you will gain detailed insight into how your restaurant is performing and uncover specific aspects of your business that require further attention.

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This income statement template will help you understand your restaurant's:  


cost-of-goods-soldNet Sales 

restaurant p&lCost of Goods Sold 

 restaurant p&l templatePrime Cost 


restaurant-prime-costNet Profit / Loss

restaurant-gross-profitGross Profit & Gross Profit Margin

increase-restaurant-salesPercent of Sales Used to Cover Assets 



Frequently Asked Questions


Why are you giving out this information for free? 

Our mission at Toast is to transform the lives of restaurant owners. That means we're dedicated to helping restaurant owners around the world improve their operations. We know running a restaurant is a full-time job that can consume all aspects of your life, so we want to make that job a little easier with resources like these. You can find more ebooks, templates, and videos here



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