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Toast POS Employee Training

Welcome! We're glad you're here. Check out these videos to familiarize yourself with the functions of Toast POS. 

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Getting Started

Getting to Know Toast POS Screens

Familiarize yourself with the most popular screens on the Toast POS and what they are used for. These screens can be accessed by tapping the Toast logo in the top left corner on the device and changing the Mode selected. 

Clocking In & Out of Toast

Learn how to clock in and out of a Toast device for shifts and breaks. 

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Placing Orders

Sending Orders with Toast POS

This series of videos covers the Send, Stay and Hold buttons on the quick order screen, course firing, and starting a tab for guest orders. 

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Taking Payments

Taking Cash Payments

Learn how to complete payment for an order in cash, print a guest receipt and use the fast cash buttons on the payment screen. 

Taking Credit Card Payments

Learn how to complete payment for an order with a credit or debit card, print a guest receipt and select a tip option. 

Taking Gift Card or Other Payment Types

Learn how to complete payment for an order with a gift card or other pre-configured payment type. 

Adding Tips

Learn how to enter a tip on a check after a guest has completed their payment.  

Adjusting Tips

Learn how to change a tip on a closed check if it was entered incorrectly. Note, tips can only be adjusted in this way on the same business day that the check was opened.  

Reprinting Receipts

Learn how to print an additional copy of a receipt from a paid or closed check. 

Moving & Adjusting Payments

Learn how to move a payment to another check if the card was charged to the wrong guest, reassign a check to another server at the end of your shift, and update a guest's payment on a closed check. 

Troubleshooting Payments

In this series, learn how to fix common mistakes that can occur while taking payments on a guest check. 

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Takeout & Delivery

Completing a Delivery Order

Learn how to dispatch, complete payment and close out delivery orders using Delivery Mode.