Standalone Digital Offering

Viewing the Sales and Menu Product Mix Reports

We want to make it easy for you to keep a pulse on how your restaurant is performing so we've created a series of reports and analytics to give you this visibility. In this section you will learn how to view the Sales and Menu Product Mix Reports in Toast, so you can see how your business is doing overall and what specific menu items are performing the best. 

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Standalone Digital Offering

Sales Report

1. To access your Sales Report, navigate to the Digital Order page and select All Orders from the Help tab. You can also navigate to, hover over the Analytics & Reporting header, select the Sales section, and select the Sales Report.  

2. Use the filters at the top of the page to specify a date range, employee, and/or location. When finished, select Update to view the report. 

3. The Sales Report includes the following information:

  • Net Sales - Total digital order sales minus discounts and refunds.
  • Gratuity - Total value of service charges/fees collected. For example, if you have set up a delivery fee, this will list revenue generated from fees on delivery orders. 
  • Tax Amount - Total tax value collected on digital orders. 
  • Tips - Tips added to digital orders.
  • Deferred Revenue - Gift card sales or sales from future digital orders placed. 
  • Dining Option Summary - Number of Orders and Net Sales by Dining Option.

Standalone Digital Offering

Menu Product Mix

1. Navigate to, find the Analytics & Reports section, and select Menu Product Mix.


2. Select a date range for this report and then select Load Report or Update to view your Menu Product Mix.

3. You can customize this report with the Show/Hide Columns button. This will help show you only the data you want to see for your restaurant.

4. The Menu Product Mix can be broken down in a few different ways, including  Top Groups, Top Items, Top Modifiers, and an 86 Report.

5. To download a copy of the Menu Product Mix select the arrow icon in the upper right corner of the report table.