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Managing Incoming Orders and Printing Receipts

Learn how to manage your incoming orders and how to print receipts through your Toast webpage.

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Managing Incoming Orders

Incoming orders can be tracked and marked as complete from the Digital Orders page. 

1. To find the Digital Orders page, navigate to the Manager header in and select Digital Orders.

2. All orders will be shown in a list view under the Active Orders tab. New, unacknowledged orders will be listed in green.

3. To view order details, select an order from the list. Be sure to enter the order exactly as pictured into your own POS system.

4. Once the order is fulfilled, mark it as complete by selecting the blue button in the bottom right corner of the order details window.

After the order is marked as complete it will appear in the Completed Orders tab.

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Using Sound Notifications to Manage New Orders

All new orders will be accompanied by a sound notification so that your staff is immediately alerted about new orders without having to watch the screen for visual updates to their dashboard or email. 

The new order sound notification feature is enabled by default. The new order appears as a line item in the Active Orders tab and a sound notification will fire to alert staff that a new order needs their attention.

Please Note: If you are unable to hear the sound notification on your device, be sure to increase the volume level and check that your browser settings allow sound notifications.

If you do not want a sound notification to accompany each new order, you will need to disable this feature in your web browser settings. Please follow the instructions below.

Updating Your Browser Settings in Google Chrome

1. Select the padlock icon in the top left corner of your web browser. 

2. Select Site settings.

3. Next to Notifications, select the dropdown menu and choose Allow. Instead, choose Block from the browser settings dropdown.

Updating your Browser Settings in Safari

1. Select the padlock icon in the top left corner of your web browser.

2. Next to Sound, select the dropdown menu and choose Allow. Instead, choose Block from the browser settings dropdown.

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Printing Receipts

1. If you need to print a receipt for an active digital order, select the order from the list of Active Orders and then select Print in the bottom right corner of the order details window. 

2. A pop-up window will appear to print the receipt to a connected printer. A hard copy should also be printed for the guest.

How to Find Receipts from Past Orders

To obtain a receipt from a past order, you must first locate the check. Follow the below workflow to locate the check and associated receipt.  

1. Select the Actions tab. 

2. Select either the Text Receipt or Email Receipt option to share it with the guest.