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Welcome! We're glad you're here. Check out the videos below to learn about setting up Toast Now to fit the needs of your restaurant.

Toast Classroom

Getting Started with Toast Now

Toast Now Essential Setup

This series covers the basics of setting up Toast Now for your restaurant including best practices to propel your online ordering business forward. 

Building Your Toast Now Menu

Learn how to fill out your Menu Template to include important restaurant information, online ordering hours, menu items, modifiers, and more. 

Online Ordering Schedule & Prep Times

Learn how to update hours when online ordering is available to your guests and change the quote times that appear on your Toast Online Ordering page.  

Setting Up Delivery to Use Your Own Drivers

Learn how to set up delivery as a dining option using your own drivers and a fully-integrated solution in Toast. 

Setting Up Delivery to Use Toast Delivery Services

Learn how to set up delivery as a dining option using a third party service to deliver orders when they are ready to leave the restaurant.  

Setting Up Delivery Fees

Learn how to create service charges for delivery orders.