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The Philadelphia Soda Tax: What Local Restaurants Are Doing in Response

How is Philadelphia's soda tax affecting restaurateurs?

7 Philadelphia Restaurateurs Share Their Thoughts 

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Philadelphia, PA has made national headlines after the controversial decision to tax sodas and sugary beverages.

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This sugary-beverages tax added 1.5 cents some of America's favorite drinks. Naturally, restaurants have been affected.

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The team at Toast talked to 7 famous Philadelphia restaurateurs to learn how they are dealing with the soda tax.

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  • Frank Oliveri of Pat's King of Steaks

  • Donnell Jones-Craven of EAT Cafe

  • Troy Christian of Urban Farmer

  • Josh Kim of Spot Burgers

  • Thaddeus Dynakowski of High Street on Market

  • Laura Viegas of Cook and Shaker

  • Sonseray Reed of Pizzeria Vetri Rittenhouse/Farmount