Restaurant Technology in 2016

Tracking the future of technology in the restaurant industry in Toast's 2nd annual report

Restaurant technology impacts your guests.

Restaurant technology is impacting the front of house as much as the back of house, so much so that restaurant diners are starting to notice. Their guest experience is changing... drastically.

For Toast's annual Restaurant Technology Industry Report, we asked 1,115 diners all across the U.S. about their opinions on technology in restaurants. We were shocked by some of their answers.

What technology do diners love to use? What technology do they hate? What do they want to see more of? Stay up to date on the trends your own guests are predicting with this report.


agree that restaurant technology improves their guest experience.


order from a restaurant's website online daily, weekly, or monthly.


never pay with mobile payments such as Apple Pay, Level Up, or Samsung Pay.


prefer digital receipts after a meal over print (29%) and text (11%) receipts. 


agree that server handheld tablets improve their guest experience.