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86 Your Restaurant’s Employee Retention Problem

It's time for an industry overhaul. Toast and 7shifts have teamed up to 86 the restaurant industry's employee retention problem once and for all with The Employee Retention Playbook.

What's Inside?

In this 30-page handbook, you'll find:

  • Employee retention research and advice 
  • Information about the power of employee benefits
  • Employee engagement techniques 
  • 6 bonus downloads to customize and use to shape your employee retention strategy
  • Data and insights from real restaurants

In 2016, the annual employee turnover rate in the restaurant industry was 73%

Restaurant staff are fed up, and the industry is scrambling to figure out better employee retention tactics. Chances are a revolving door has taken up shop in your restaurant’s entryway, and no matter what or how hard you try, it keeps shuffling new employees in and out.

In today’s job market, restaurant staff are looking to work for companies that treat their employees fairly, offer career growth opportunities, benefits and job perks, promote work/life balance, and try to make a positive impact on their community and the world at large.

Did you know the average cost of turning one hourly restaurant employee is $5,864? With a 73% annual employee turnover rate, your poor employee retention is costing your restaurant $428,072 or more each year. Learn how to keep your staff happy and keep them on your team.