Review Response Template

You should be responding to your reviews - the good and the bad. It can be hard to know what to say, so here's some help.

Menu & Kitchen

Food Cost Calculator

Calculate food cost and compare average menu prices for restaurants in your area.

Metrics & Finance

Restaurant Calculator: The Cost of Opening a Restaurant


Guest Experience Bootcamp

Enhance your customer engagement strategy with our guest experience crash course!

Industry Trends

No Call No Show

The No Call No Show is here to help restaurant owners and operators 86 staffing stress and hiring horror stories. Over six episodes, listeners learn the art of hiring smart from six innovative restaurant industry experts who have mastered the practice.


Restaurant Marketing Plan

Entice and engage the customers you want with the help of Toast’s Restaurant Marketing Plan (and free, customizable templates)


Restaurant Technology in 2017

Tracking the future of technology in the restaurant industry in Toast's 3rd annual report

Industry Trends

What Local Restaurants Are Doing in Response to the Philadelphia Soda Tax

How is Philadelphia's soda tax affecting restaurateurs?


Social Media for Restaurants

Learn how to use the right hashtags and engage your audience with irresistible visual content.

Industry Trends

Restaurant Success in 2017 Industry Report

What top restaurants are doing to achieve success in 2017.

Industry Trends

How to Get Company Buy-in On a Restaurant IT Project

Welcome to the future of your restaurant business.

Staffing & Hiring

Restaurant Hiring Kit Free Ebook & Interview Templates

Lower your restaurant's turnover by simplifying the hiring process and screening more qualified candidates.