Resources to help tackle inflation

The restaurant industry has been grappling with rising costs for months – supply chain lags, surging gas prices, and record low unemployment have sent food and labor costs soaring. With record levels of inflation, it's not just restaurants feeling squeezed; guests' are also apprehensive about how far their dollars will go.

Toast has developed resources to help equip restaurants to adjust to the current market trends.

Get costs under control

These days it seems the cost of everything is going up. Take control of costs and optimize margins across your operation.

Survive the labor shortage

The busy season is about to hit and hiring is harder than ever. Stay staffed up with happier, better compensated employees.

Buffer your bottom line against inflation

We know an erratic supply chain can compromise cash flow. Improve your bottom line with better cost management – and better ways to sell.

Give guests options to keep them coming.

Your guests are getting more conservative in their spending. And who can blame them? Offer guests choice and convenience to keep them coming (back).

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Toast Video learning helps you meet the moment – whether you're prepping for tonight's dinner rush or for the future. Learn new techniques, hear about insights shaping the restaurant industry, and more with short, fast-paced video trainings. 

  • Your guide to: Restaurant Staffing: Whether you own, operate, or manage a restaurant, staffing has likely been high on your list of challenges for quite some time. In this course, you’ll hear what others are doing to find, develop, and retain quality staff. Like you, they’ve lost a lot of staff, and probably for all the same reasons. But now, with fresh approaches, they’re rebuilding their teams with talented, high-performing people. So can you.
  • Your guide to: Online Ordering & Delivery: Learn how to turn your online ordering and delivery into a vibrant revenue stream for your restaurant. Off-premise dining has taken off, so let's make sure your restaurant is set up to serve your guests no matter where they are. 
  • Your guide to: Mastering Modern Hospitality: Whether your restaurant is counter-service, fast-casual, full-service casual, or fine-dining, restaurant operators are looking to run healthier, more durable businesses, while meeting guests’ changing expectations. In this course, you'll learn about the New Steps of Service – a new service model that drives up guest satisfaction, check sizes, and staff paychecks, and drives down errors, wait times, and table turn times. Here's how it works.