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Welcome to the Toast Resource Center. Here you will find short video clips, ebooks and templates designed to help you better run your restaurant business. Take a look at the topics covered below and click on the ones that interest you to learn more. Don't see something you need? Email with your request, and we'll start working on it right away.  

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Restaurant Guides

how to manage a restaurant

How to Manage a Restaurant

Improve the way you manage your staff, your technology, your finances, and everything else in between.

new pos

Buying a Modern POS System

Learn how the right POS system can save you countless hours.

menu engineering

Menu Engineering Bootcamp

Whip your menu into shape with this 30-day course guaranteed to help you optimize your menu and increase restaurant sales.

restaurant marketing

Restaurant Marketing 101 Guide

Get ideas, tips, and strategies to get more customers, download your go-to guide for how to market your restaurant. 

restaurant credit card processing

Restaurant Credit Card Processing

Understand the credit card processing industry inside and out, including different types of pricing, fees, and rates.

what is emv

EMV in 2015 (Coming Soon: 2016)

How will EMV change your business? Download our ebook and find out!

how to open a restaurant

How to Open a Restaurant

Are you opening a new restaurant? Then the Restaurant Startup Kit is for you.

Restaurant Templates

restaurant business plan template

Restaurant Business Plan Template

Always dreamed of starting your own restaurant? Download this restuarant business plan template to get started.

menu engineering worksheet

Menu Engineering Worksheet 

Calculate food cost percentage, contribution margin, and more with this free menu engineering worksheet, complete with menu formulas in Excel. 

compare pos systems

Calculate Your POS System ROI

Calculate ROI by evaluating how your POS system helps you save time, serve more guests, and turn those guests into loyal customers.

restaurant income statement

How to Read a Profit and Loss Statement

Use this how-to guide to create and analyze your profit and loss statement. 

Restaurant Industry Insights

peter christie

Peter Christie on Failing Restaurants

Why do restaurants fail? Peter Christie, former president of the Massachusetts Restaurant Association, shares his opinions.

eli feldman

Eli Feldman on Restaurant Hiring

Former Director of Operations at the Barbara Lynch Gruppo and now co-founder of Clothbound, Eli Feldman speaks about restaurant culture and hiring. 

brian duffy

Chef Brian Duffy on Menu Engineering 

Famous executive chef and menu development extraordinaire, chef Brian Duffy shares menu engineering tips. 

eric cacciatore

Eric Cacciatore on How to Start a Restaurant

Host of the podcast Restaurant Unstoppable, Eric Cacciatore shares insights learned after 200+ episodes interviewing restaurateurs.

Restaurant Videos

What is a POS?

Learn what a Point of Sale system is, and how it is used in business.

What is EMV? 

Learn about EMV, and how it will effect your business.

What is Interchange Rate?

Learn what goes into Interchange Rate, and Interchange Plus Pricing.

How to Add your Restaurant to Yelp 

Get a step by step tutorial on adding your restaurant to Yelp.

How to Add your Restaurant to Facebook

Get a step by step tutorial on adding your restaurant to Facebook.

How to Calculate Food Cost Percentage

As a food service business, you should be calculating for Food Cost Percentage. Here's how!

Creating a Profit and Loss Statement (Part 1)

A profit and loss (P&L) statement is used by restaurant owners to determine areas of strength and weakness within their business.

Creating a Profit and Loss Statement (Part 2) 

In this second part video, we'll look at what the data we collected in Part 1 can tell us.

Cloud-Based vs. Traditional POS Systems

What are the differences between Cloud-Based and Traditional POS systems? Watch the video to find out!

Restaurant Webinars


credit card processing webinar

Credit Card Processing Simplified

Understand the different types of credit card processing for restaurants and how it's affecting your bottom line.

menu data webinar

Interactive Menu Engineering 

In this on-demand webinar, we analyze a real restaurant's menu design and menu engineering worksheet.


Optimize your Online Ordering 

Learn how to offer online ordering at your restaurant or ramp up your current program. In the "Toast & Online Ordering for your Restaurant" on-demand webinar, and you'll:

gift cards

Enhance your Gift Card Business

Discover promotional ideas to elevate your gift card program, how POS integrated gift cards can increase sales & make reporting a breeze, and why digital gift cards & online purchasing is a must for your bottom line.

restaurant loyalty

Reward your Best Customers

See how you can keep your best customers by setting up a loyalty program - or by improving your current one in the "Toast & Loyalty for your Restaurant" on-demand webinar.

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