Update: 2.0

    Monday, November 30, 2015

    This major release is all about improving efficiency in restaurants and bars. With streamlined ordering processes, faster transactions, and more real-time reports, Toast 2.0 is sure to speed up your operations

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    Send & Stay Buttons

    Managing a large table with multiple rounds of drinks and several courses can really slow down service. With the new Send and Stay buttons, servers can send items to the bar or kitchen as orders are taken without ever leaving the order screen.

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    New Order or "Bar Mode"

    Thanks to a great suggestion from another Toast customer, the payment terminal can now be used in “Bar Mode,” which allows users to look up checks, add items to existing tabs, and create new checks all from a single screen.

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    Speedy Credit Card Authorization 

    QSRs rejoice! Toast now allows you to swipe a card and print a receipt without requiring a signature from the customer to complete the transaction. With this enabled, credit card payments can be completed in 5 seconds or less.

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    Improved Cash Management

    Managers can now lock down cash drawers to individual employees so you know who’s accountable for the money in that drawer. Two people can also share a terminal with two cash drawers so only the cash drawer locked to them will open for a cash payment. 

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    Improved Close-Out Reports

    Shift Review and Close-Out reports can get crowded with excess information. In Toast, they're now completely customizable so you can choose what info to include.  Also see individual cash-over or cash-short, payments by server, and payouts by staff members.

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    15-Minute Sales Report

    This consolidated report in Toast shows labor percentage and sales, allowing managers to make staffing decisions on the fly. If your labor costs more than you're making in sales, this report will tell you in real-time.

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