POS Analytics and Reporting for Restaurants

Toast's POS real-time analytics are accessible anytime, from anywhere. Quickly check your daily sales reports or drill down to identify more specific insights about your restaurant. 

Run Robust Restaurant Sales Reports

All Your Restaurant Sales Metrics, In One Place

The restaurant sales report dashboard provides an overview of all of the transactions you have completed during a selected time period. The summary report shows net sales, gratuity, tips, total guests, table turn time, and a breakdown of all service types and payment methods. This report is designed to provide you with a scannable overview of the sales metrics you really care about, at a high level. From there, Toast sales reports allow you to drill down to gain more detailed insight into sales as they relate to orders, payments, shifts, cash drawers, and house accounts.

Is Your Team Efficient? Run a Sales Exceptions Report to Find Out

These reports allow you to quickly view an overview of all voids, discounts, and refunds. The reports also allow you to identify the servers and managers who are giving and approving these sales exceptions. Using these reports, you can also quickly see the total number of sales exceptions, total amount, and void percent that each of your staff members has given out during a selected time period.  A blank exception report indicates that your team is running efficiently, whereas a clogged exception report may indicate that your team needs extra training.



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Reveal Your Guests' Preferences 

Valuable Guest Data: The Statistics You've Always Needed

The Toast restaurant POS system has an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) system that captures your customers' contact information and order history. The Toast CRM will create a detailed profile of a guest after they register for your loyalty program, opt in to receiving digital receipts, enter their email address when ordering takeout, or provide their information when ordering online for delivery.

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Keep Track of Your Best Servers

Employee Productivity By the Numbers 

Labor reports are designed to provide insight into how your labor is translating into sales. You can also see a summary of each of your employees on the labor reports summary page. This report allows you to see detailed insight about your labor in real-time. You can see things like labor cost percentage from anywhere, and use that real-time insight to adjust your labor accordingly. Right from the labor reports screen, you can adjust time entries and easily export payroll in one click.

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Unlock Your Menu Potential

Identify Your Popular Menu Items with Product Mix Reports

Toast automatically tracks all menu sales and uses that data to offer detailed product mix reports that show you exactly how your menu items are contributing to your sales. The product mix reports make it very easy to identify the top menu groups, items, and modifiers. You can even see a breakdown of how your menu is performing by time and day of week. With this insight, you can easily identify the items and menus that are contributing to your sales, and those that are a drag on your bottom line.

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