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Toast Payroll & Team Management - 3 Months Off Terms & Conditions

Existing Toast, Inc. customers who have signed a Toast Merchant Agreement ("Merchant Agreement") for point-of-sale and payment processing services ("Toast POS") and meet the following criteria are eligible to receive the discount set forth below:

Merchants are eligible to receive the first three (3) months of Toast Payroll & Team Management software fees including any fees billed based on Per Employee Per Month (PEPM) rates (exclusive of other fees, including, without limitation, implementation fees and any fees for add-on services) at no charge (the "Promotion") if they:

(i) agree to a minimum contract term of one (1) year with Toast Payroll & Team Management; 

(ii) sign the Toast Payroll & Team Management Service Agreement on or before the last calendar day of the month in which the Toast Payroll & Team Management Service Agreement is first received by Merchant; 

(iii) have a Go-Live Date with Toast Payroll & Team Management that is within sixty (60) days of the Effective Date of their Toast Payroll & Team Management Service Agreement.  “Go-Live Date” means the first date as of which Merchant successfully posts payroll for processing using the Services; and 

(iv) have submitted all necessary documentation and/or information required by Toast Payroll & Team Management.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Promotion will not be available if prohibited by law, and may not be combined with any additional Toast Payroll & Team Management subscription discounts or redeemed for cash. Following the Promotion, the fee shall be the full quoted price per month (as defined in the Toast Payroll & Team Management Service Agreement).