Free Menu Engineering Worksheet 

Are you ready to take your menu to the next level? Decisions about your menu's pricing, structure, and design should be made not only with care, but with data. How much profit are your menu items contributing to your restaurant? What can you do to drive some menu items up in popularity? Are your menu items even profitable, or are you spending too much on inventory? 

Our menu engineering worksheet in Excel, complete with intricate menu engineering formulas, is used by restaurant owners to determine areas of strength and weakness within their menu.

This menu engineering template will help you understand your restaurant's: 

  • Food Cost Percentage
  • Contribution Margin
  • Average Item Profit 
  • The Stars, Dogs, Puzzles, and Plowhorses of Your Menu 
  • ... And more!

P.S. For a refresher on how to use these menu engineering metrics to design an optimized menu, download the companion to this worksheet, Menu Engineering Bootcamp