How to Manage a Restaurant in Today’s Competitive Environment

Ready to take your performance and your restaurant to another level?



 Improve the way you manage your staff, your technology, your finances, yourself, and everything else in between. 


Consider the way restaurants operated ten years ago - nowhere near the same, right? Now, the industry is booming, but that just means there are countless restaurants for diners to go to. How will you make yours the place to be?

The success of your restaurant will come down to one person - you. Given the role you are in, you have tremendous power of influence over your staff, your customers, and your procedures - all of which can make or break your restaurant. 

If you don't manage your restaurant operations properly, both your staff and your guests will go somewhere else, leaving your doors closed. Don't wait any longer - it's time to make a change for the future of your business. 

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This guide to making your restaurant stand out is the perfect read for: 


menu-designRestaurant Owners: So you can hire smart and run your business wisely.

menu-psychologyShift Managers: So you can grasp on everything you'll be responsible for in your daily duties.



menu-engineeringRestaurant Franchisors: So you can put policies in place for all of your locations.

restaurant-menuRestaurant Aficionados: So you can learn more about the industry you love so much. 



Frequently Asked Questions


Why are you giving out this information for free? 

Our mission at Toast is to transform the lives of restaurant owners. That means we're dedicated to helping restaurant owners around the world improve their operations. We know running a restaurant is a full-time job that can consume all aspects of your life, so we want to make that job a little easier with resources like these. You can find more ebooks, templates, and videos here


Can I share this? 

Of Course! Just share this link and keep us in mind for future restaurant advice! 


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