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Our partners are helping us build the most powerful restaurant ecosystem in the world. We consider partners an essential ingredient to our customers' success. Our marketing partners offer products and services to help restauranteurs thrive.

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Customer engagement made easy. Thanx captures robust customer insights, retains loyal fans, sends highly-targeted multi-channel marketing campaigns, and measures results in real revenue.

Every month, 200 million diners come to TripAdvisor to find a new restaurant. Build your brand, reach new diners, and fill more tables with TripAdvisor.

Rubicon provides affordable waste and recycling solutions for businesses seeking a smarter, sustainable alternative.

The Best Restaurant Software Does Your Work for You

Improve your bottom line and lower prime costs.

Restaurant software that integrates with your restaurant POS system can help you:

  • Manage your restaurant finances paperlessly
  • Measure inventory, food costs, and labor costs
  • Make data-driven decisions about your restaurants

"We like that we have easy access to our data in Toast,” says Jon Arbitman of Protein Bar, a fast casual franchise that uses the Compeat integration. “We get it immediately and know that it’s accurate. Waiting three weeks for a report isn’t realistic.”

%nbsp;  The Restaurant Software Ecosystem  Learn about the current state of restaurant software. Read here >   

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"Toast’s commitment to user satisfaction and
practical customer service is unmatched in the industry."
- Merchant Maverick

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