New Customer Independent Restaurant Coalition Membership Promotion: Customer Terms

New Toast, Inc. (“Toast”) merchant customers who sign Toast's Merchant Agreement (“Agreement”) on or before July 8, 2022 (“New Customers”) and meet the below criteria may be eligible to receive the promotion set forth below:

New Customers may be eligible to receive an Independent Restaurant Coalition (“IRC”) membership at no cost for up to one (1) year if they: (i) sign the Agreement on or before July 8, 2022; and (ii) apply for membership via an application link provided by Toast by July 8, 2022 (“the Promotion”).

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Promotion is subject to IRC membership approval and not guaranteed, the IRC reserves the right to reject the membership application of New Customers.  The Promotion will not be available if prohibited by law or redeemed for cash and may be available only in select markets.  Following the first year (12 calendar months) of membership, New Customers agree to be contacted by the IRC regarding membership renewal and shall be responsible for payment of the membership at the then-current list price.  This is a limited time offer subject to change. Toast reserves the right to suspend, modify, or cancel the above Promotion at any time.