Toast + VROMO

Delivery management designed for restaurants

VROMO helps restaurants operate in the most efficient way, to ensure they are profitable and provide an excellent customer experience.

VROMO is a software solution that provides customizable, automated dispatch software to restaurant brands to ensure a more efficient and profitable delivery service while offering an exceptional customer experience.

Our main features include auto-dispatch functionality, branded order tracking, hybrid delivery functionality, reporting and analytics as well as a wide range of benefits such as decreased labor costs, an increase in volume/revenue, ease of on-boarding, 24/7 support and much more.

Key Benefits

  • Enable hybrid delivery & Overflow to 3rd party fleets.
    Outsource deliveries to 3rd party fleets during times of demand to provide a great service & a positive guest experience

  • Allow customers to track their delivery.
    Send a live tracking link via SMS so customers can track their delivery driver to their door. Add your own branded content like coupons, videos & logos

  • Stack your orders together to increase efficiency.
    Order stacking allows you to merge orders together that are being delivered to a similar nearby location in order to reduce delivery costs.

  • Put job dispatch on autopilot.
    VROMO lets you easily create sophisticated policies that automatically assign deliveries to the most appropriate driver

"Delivery is a big part of Papa Gino’s business. We love the fact that VROMO allows us to manage our deliveries so we can provide our guests with the best experience possible. This wouldn’t be possible without VROMO” - Tom Sterrett Papa Gino's

Tom Sterrett

CEO, Papa Ginos

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