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The Online Ordering without Commission Fees

Happy customers and easy online ordering without the setup or subscription fees

The puts your menu at the fingertips of billions of people looking to make food orders online.

By connecting Google search demand with lightning-fast online ordering, The can satisfy your guests' growing appetite for high-quality digital experiences. The creates a restaurant-branded online ordering page, allowing you to maximize the value of your brand. You can then link this page to either your restaurant's homepage with an "Order Online" button or your Google Business Profile that shows up in search on the right hand side under Menu.

It's convenient and fast for customers to order online, enhancing the guest experience, and driving revenue for your restaurant.

How The integrates with Toast

With The's Toast integration, you receive your customers' online orders and payments directly into your Toast POS to speed up orders, free up your staff, and eliminate mis-entered orders. In addition to the operational efficiencies, you understand your customers better with the data from The being in Toast, keeping you connected to your customers.

Key Benefits

  • Leverage your unique brand
    Create an online ordering experience that feels like it was built in-house.

  • Save on steep setup fees
    The builds your online ordering experience at no cost to you.

  • No commitment
    There's no monthly subscriptions and no long-term contracts. If you aren't getting the value you expect, you can leave anytime.

  • Take control of your data
    The data from The orders is yours. It's captured in Toast, helping you establish direct relationships with customers.

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