Toast + SteadyServ

Toast and SteadyServ Integration: Detailed Analytics and Real-Time Reporting about Draft Beer

SteadyServ’s iKeg is a low-cost, high reward draft management system that enables you to view, know, and analyze your restaurant’s draft beer data on any device and in real-time. This smart software reduces beer waste and delivers real-time analytics with actionable insights.

Real-Time Draft Management Operations:

  • View current draft beer lineup
  • Know exact keg levels
  • Identify how long each keg has been on tap
  • Access real-time information through mobile phones, tablets, and computers

All-In-One Reporting and Analytics Platform:

  • Monitor draft beer sales and view performance with draft waste reports
  • Improve inventory and freshness with days on tap report
  • Manage draft lineup with optimization reports

How SteadyServ Impacts Your Business:

  • It allows users to receive real-time data so they are able to make data-driven decisions while managing their business
  • Users can better understand customer insights by knowing their customers' patterns and needs
  • It reduces draft beer waste due to:
    • Inaccurate inventory
    • Tap lineups that don't appeal to customers
    • Over-pouring / giveaways
    • Old, stale beer left in kegs
    • Foam

SteadyServ can help retailers sell more, waste less, and increase their profits.

Visit SteadyServ for more information!

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