Toast + Solink

Solink & Toast: Protect and Monitor Your Business from Anywhere, Anytime

Solink allows you to protect and monitor your business with insights from your existing video + Toast POS data. Discover the peace of mind that comes from Solink’s security features.

Solink software protects your assets by combining your existing Toast POS data with your own video recording, producing smart alerts and monitoring. Stay connected to both realtime and historical events through our ultra user-friendly app, on any device.

“We benefit from the Solink + Toast integration not just for security, but for store operations as well. Solink’s daily digest emails are great because they’re delivered to the heads of each department, so everyone has the same consistent intel. I rarely have a manager calling for help anymore—they can figure out how to manage Solink without any hand-holding.”

Pete Stamm

IT Manager, &pizza

Solink & Security :

  • Event notifications automatically alert you to suspicious activity
  • Motion Search captures unusual action, and allows you to review only the video you need to
  • Easy sharing features enable you to send clips and data to authorities and insurance companies

Solink & Loss Prevention:

  • Search parameters can spotlight staff, transaction types, even menu inputs
  • Dashboard data matches flawlessly with video, allowing you to view specific moments and transactions

Solink & Operations :

  • Discovery dashboard shows sales, wait times, order amounts, and customer service interactions
  • Time tracking can integrate with POS and/or survey results to determine if compliance was at fault
  • 90 day standard video recording allows you to review high-traffic points and determine solutions

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