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Commission-Free Delivery & Ordering with Say2eat

White-Label Online Ordering and Commission-Free Delivery

Say2eat extends online ordering into your customer's day-to-day life through Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and more as well as a white-label, branded online ordering website. Once you receive your guests' orders, Say2eat Dispatch runs calls to delivery couriers, offering commission-free delivery service to help you grow your sales. 

With Say2eat, take back control of your digital ordering sales and customer data. And you're able to sell directly to your customers, improving the guest experience. This native, user-friendly ordering experience leads to the doubling or tripling of ordering completion rates, resulting in a significant increase in sales.

How Say2eat integrates with Toast

All orders placed on channels that Say2eat supports go directly into your Toast POS, eliminating any manual entry. This allows your team to focus more on your in-house guests while improving the experience for off-premise guests. And you'll have all your on- or off-premise sales data in your Toast POS.

Before Say2eat, we had seven different online ordering services. but saw low ROI. Say2eat installed a Facebook Messenger ordering and retargeting product, and within a few weeks, we're seeing a clear increase in overall online sales, ROI, and doubled our mobile app sales.

Slice Factory

Dom DiDiana

CEO, Slice Factory

Key Benefits

  • Conversion
    Guests get a frictionless, native ordering experience that can double or even triple your ordering completion rates.

  • Retention
    Send customers personalized, thoughtful notifications with 98% open rates. Offer promotions, one-click reordering, and win-back lost revenue from abandoned carts.

  • Knowing your customers
    Capture and analyze consumer demographics. Say2eat has automated data analysis so you know when, how, and what customers are ordering.

  • Streamlined operations
    Say2eat's frictionless integration with your Toast POS eliminates dedicating any additional resources, manpower, or staff training for digital orders.

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