Toast and Restaurant Solutions Integration:

Accounting and Management Integration

Restaurant Solutions, Inc. (RSI) is a national Restaurant Accounting and Management Services company designed specifically for independent restaurants. RSI combines all back office work into one easy-to-use platform, enabling the independent restaurant operator the ability to Focus on Food, Not Finances™.



Accounts Payable and Payroll

  • Age your A/P checks-keeping your money in your account until the A/P is due
  • Wage garnishment calculation and payment
  • 401k, Medical/Dental Deductions
  • Payroll tax return preperation and payments
  • Payroll distribution & detailed register

Menu Engineering (Recipe Costing)

  • View theoretical vs. actual food cost based on total or individual group sales
  • Velocity reporting - seeing not only what items have positive sales but also which ones have positive contributed margin
  • Know exactly what action to take when your margin has evaporated (retain, replate, rethink, re price)

Restaurant Financial Reporting

  • Receive customized balance sheets, income & expense statements and general ledgers
  • Bank reconciliations (period based)
  • Sales tax returns
  • Financial assessment reviews to identify and analyze opportunities for financial improvement
  • Generate cash flow statements

Inventory and Ordering

  • Inventory count sheets generated by location or by general ledger (GL) account
  • Price updates completed automatically from your invoices
  • Ability to see product price variances and usage at your fingertips
  • Forecast your weekly purchases and see the results daily
  • Create par-levels or custom orders directly from inventory
  • Eliminate invoice entry - orders automatically become invoices

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