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Toast + Restaurant Accounting Services, Inc. (RASI)

Focus on Food, Not Finances™

RASI is the leading virtual end to end outsourced Accounting & Finance platform focused on the hospitality markets; by modernizing the back office through managed Finance as a Service (FaaS).

RASI pulls from Toast summary & check level detail, sales data, time & attendance records. Toast POS data seamlessly populates directly into the accounting & reporting system allowing the user to not have to key daily sales & labor - utilizing reporting to evaluate data points using performance reporting & graphical analysis.

Key Benefits of RASI

  • Restaurant Financial Reporting
    Managed Finance as a Service (FaaS) delivering Weekly Profit and Loss reporting, Weekly Cash Accountability, Period Financial, and Quarterly Operations reviews to identify & analyze areas of opportunity and growth.

  • Accounts Payable
    Eliminate manual processes with fully digitized Accounts Payable management, comprehensive reporting, and invoice image storage allowing for complete drill-down visibility. Automated synchronization with inventory database allows for exception-based reporting on item level details.

  • Inventory Management
    Complete multi-unit and multi-concept inventory, theoretical costing, and recipe management with customizable inventory by location capability. Budget vs Actual spend reporting drives proactive cash impact knowledge. In-depth Menu Engineering with Recipe Card Management and Toast PMIX collaboration provides actionable insight to make educated business decisions around your menu.

  • Purchasing
    Leveraging the purchasing power of RASI clients with over $1BN in spend, RASI has negotiated manufacturer rebates to earn money back on everyday purchases. RASI’s Purchasing Program is based on actual item usage, and unlike Restaurant Buying Groups, RASI passes 100% of the earned rebate income back to clients. RASI’s Manufacturer Rebate Program is provided at no extra cost.

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