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Toast + Repeat Returns

Attract, Grow, and Retain More Customers with Repeat Returns

Marketing Automation for Busy Restaurateurs

Repeat Returns combine loyalty, email, mobile, text, surveys, reviews, and analytics into a single platform. Their sales-building solution can maximize your profits by adapting to each customer’s behavior patterns, buying cycle, and spending potential without your ever lifting a finger.

How Repeat Returns integrates with Toast

Repeat Returns' Toast integration allows restaurant owners to experience the true power of marketing automation. Here’s how it works: Each night, Repeat Returns crunches your transaction data, develops a high-profit marketing scenario for the next day, and deploys the marketing to make that happen. There's no additional work for you: you don't have reports to run, data to analyze, or marketing to push out.

Key Benefits

  • More freedom
    Drive additional traffic to your restaurant with each sale. Real-time Toast data feeds a powerful automated marketing suite that maximizes customer lifetime value by adapting to individual behavior patterns.

  • More simplicity
    Loyalty, email, mobile, surveys, reviews, analytics & marketing automation work seamlessly together, replacing fragmented solutions. No more reports, spreadsheets, or marketing chores.

  • Higher ROI
    Predictive analytics reduce discounts and maximize guest frequency. The system automatically identifies slowing or lapsed customers, and re-engages to keep them spending.

  • More control
    Toast's dynamic lookup and verification only displays available offers and eliminates multiple redemptions by automatically removing discounts which no longer apply. Employees can only redeem valid offers.

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