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Toast + QSR Automations

ConnectSmart® Kitchen: The leader in Kitchen Display Systems

Through intuitive kitchen automation software and order routing features, ConnectSmart® Kitchen helps you declutter your kitchen and work smarter — not harder. 

Users universally report lower ticket times, reduced table turn times, and increased throughput to keep pace during peak periods.

Benefits of Toast + QSR Automations

  • Increase Service Speed
    With ConnectSmart® Kitchen, you can reduce ticket times and turn tables faster with customizable routing, pacing and prep stations. Reduced ticket times are a universal benefit acknowledged by QSR Automations customers who implement ConnectSmart® Kitchen.

  • Improve Food Quality
    With delayed routing, set cook times so the program ensures items are cooked in priority order. Items hit the expo window at the same time and guests get the ideal experience.

  • Capacity Management
    With our dynamic capacity management, you can throttle incoming orders based specifically on your kitchen’s actual workload. It is based on real-time data from your kitchen.

  • Bin Management
    Product forecasting tool that increases speed of service by reminding team members what to cook, when, how much to make of each item, tracking usage to maintain food quality.

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