Toast and Plate IQ

Invoice Management

Plate IQ is invoice processing and accounts payable automation software designed for restaurants.


Plate IQ manages your invoices, extracting the data from uploaded files and creating searchable copies stored in the cloud. Save time with integrations that sync GL-coded information to your accounting software and line item data to your inventory platform.

Easily manage invoices

Eliminate manual invoice entry. Plate IQ automatically captures line item data and codes purchases to your general ledger accounts.

Streamline approval workflows

Mirror offline workflows with custom rules that route invoices to the right reviewers. Increase transparency by tracking invoice uploads and alterations, approvals, and payments.

Save time on statement reconciliation

Compare vendor statements against uploaded invoices. Discrepant totals and missing invoices are immediately brought to your attention.

Centralize vendor payments

Schedule ACH electronic transfers or paper check runs in advance and never miss another due date. Sync payments directly to select accounting software.

Stay on top of price changes

Get alerts that help you focus on the costs that cut into your bottom line. Reports update with every upload, so you’re always in the know.

Track historical spend

Get a global picture of your expenses or drill down to the category or item level. See exactly where your money's going, no spreadsheets needed.


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