Toast + Odeko

Maximize Your Cafe's Profit with Odeko's Inventory and Ordering Tools

Waste-free inventory & ordering

Odeko is a software platform that helps cafes make better ordering decisions and maximize profit so you and your team can focus on your guests.

Odeko analyzes your cafe's sales data and combines that with information on local weather and events. Leveraging all these insights, Odeko identifies trends to predict future sales and then automatically places orders so you have the right amount of inventory every day without having to lift a finger.

How Odeko integrates with Toast

With your Toast POS sales data flowing automatically into Odeko, you're able to have your sales data updated in Odeko in real time. And this information will be used with other data that Odeko gathers so you can manage your inventory and orders efficiently.

Odeko doesn’t only save us hours in tedious labor every day — it improves our bottom line. Their customer service is outstanding, and we know at the end of the day, no matter what, they have our back.

Jeremy Lyman

Birch Coffee

Key Benefits

  • Increase profit margin
    Odeko's predictive technology is 95% accurate, taking into account your foot traffic, sales, weather, and local events.

  • 50% reduction in waste
    Order the right amount of inventory items, cutting down on food and beverage waste. That means saving money on storage costs too.

  • 2-5 hours saved per week
    Have your sales data from Toast flow into Odeko, making sure your cafe runs smoothly—even on your busiest days.

  • Efficient inventory management
    Reduce food costs by 9%, tracking your orders and inventory so you have enough pastries and whatever else you need for the day, every day.

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