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Toast and delightable™ : Your guest data delicious.

Delightable, developed by Fishbowl, is a cloud-based Guest Relationship Management platform specifically designed for the operational needs of your restaurant. It seamlessly integrates and harmonizes your transactional and engagement data, providing you with comprehensive insights to enhance your connection with guests.

With Delightable, you can gain valuable information about their habits, preferences, interactions, transactions, and more, enabling you to personalize your outreach efforts effectively. By leveraging this wealth of knowledge, you can improve your guest interactions and tailor your services to meet their individual needs. Delightable empowers you to optimize your guest relationships, helping you create meaningful connections and enhance the overall dining experience in your restaurant.


  • Access Detail
    Connect to all your guest engagement and transactional data no matter where it lives. Connect your Toast data today!

  • Harmonize Detail
    We'll unify all your data sources to give you a real 360 degree view of your guest's interactions with your brand.

  • Enrich Detail
    We combine your data with thrid-party intelligence to enhance and improve your guest insights.

  • Engage Detail
    Glean intelligent and informed insights to inform your strategies in operations, marketing, and point-of-service.

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