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Inventory Analytics

Toast + BrewLogix

Kegged Beverage Analytics with BrewLogix

Delivering Accurate Keg Knowledge

BrewLogix uses patented smart scale technology to give you accurate keg knowledge so you can grow the success of your craft-on-draft program. You know how much product is in your kegs at all times, all attributes of that beverage, and how each kegged beverage is performing.

How BrewLogix integrates with Toast

With your sales data from Toast flowing into BrewLogix, you can combine powerful keg knowledge with sales analytics. You can maximize keg turnover and reduce draft loss.

Key Benefits

  • Real-time on-draft inventory
    Never run out of favorite brews. You can improve ordering, reduce waste, and reduce on-tap inventory time.

  • Kegged beverage performance
    Strategically plan promotions, make product mix adjustments, evaluate product freshness, and optimize keg size by product.

  • Kegged beverage program analytics
    Compare sales and profitability by brewery, product, and style type. Analyze customer preferences by flavor profile.

  • Draft loss analysis
    Regain unrealized draft loss revenue, compare depletions to revenue by product, and identify after-hour pours.

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