Toast + Bevager

Toast and Bevager Integration: Beverage Program Inventory Management

Bevager offers ordering, inventory, costing and invoicing management for single and multi-unit restaurants, bars and hotels.

Spend more time with guests instead of in the office as you eliminate up to 50 hours a month in admin and up to 10% in pour cost.


Build Your Entire Week's Orders in Seconds

  • Uniquely tailored Order Guide to build orders by vendor, stock, category, or “shelf to sheet”
  • Complete bottle details with photos, descriptions, supplier notes, and ratings
  • One-click Automated Smart Par Ordering that suggests what you need to order to never run out
  • Bevager places orders directly to your sales rep or distributor via text or email

Connect with Toast to see your COGS and theoretical inventory

  • Integrated Toast sales reports automatically sends sales right into Bevager
  • Monitor real-time inventory without even having to count!
  • Lower losses by eliminating actual vs. theoretical inventory and drive profits through theoretical costing

Dashboard and Reports to see into every spend and inventory

  • Intuitive reports that flag price changes, purchasing spend, and inventory audits for the entire bar
  • Analyze trends and benchmark bar programs to drive profits
  • Multi-unit Director lets you manage inventory, pricing, and costing across multiple bars in one simple dashboard

Take inventory in under 20 minutes!

  • Take inventory in multiple areas on any device at the same time
  • Slide through inventory easily by shelf-to-sheet, partial search, category, subcategory or varietal
  • Simple inventory and case calculator eliminates inaccurate counts

Visit Bevager for more information!

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